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Pigeon Health Care 

Pigeon Health

This is a new section in which our goal is to help you, the pigeon fancier, gain and understanding of your pigeons health care needs.

Topics will include
•Preventative Medicine
•and what you can do about it.

Note: All medical information either provided or linked on this site should never replace the advice of a qualified Avian Veterinarian.

New Medical related links

Chevita Gmbh is a German / Austrian pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and manufacture of animal health products. They have an excellent web site for pigeon related diseases and recommend treatments. There you will find a list of symptoms and treatment for just about every medical problem that may arise in your loft. It's a great source of information. I strongly recommend all pigeon breeders become familiar with the services they provide. Click here and check it out.

The Medical Formulary compiled several years ago by a group of veterinarians; linked to here at This is an excellent source of information on bird medications and proper dosages.




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