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Master Breeder

This Prestigious Award was established in 1930, and with the exception of the years during the second world war it is given to those fanciers worthy of the title "NATIONAL PIGEON ASSOCIATION MASTER BREEDER OF PURE BRED PIGEONS"

The National Pigeon Association may issue a Master Breeder Award to individuals whose skill and ability as breeders have enabled them to produce pigeons of outstanding quality of any breed pigeon that win the highest honors year after year at well known American shows. Recipients of the Master Breeder Award have produced birds of a uniform high quality over a period of at least ten years (minimum), and have been recognized as having improved the quality of their chosen breed, and helped to advance it's popularity. The quality of birds produced by these breeders, and his or her show record is to be considered an outstanding example in the art and science of breeding domestic pigeons.

Larry Foos - Show Kings- Apopka, FL
Wayne Diviney - African Owls - Fincastle, VA
Brian Magee - American Show Racers - Bayport, NY

Charlie Rowe - Horseman Pouters - Greenville, TN
Bill Henderson - Old German Owls - Chattanooga, TN
Darrell Martin - Frillbacks - Hebo, OR
Ray Dees - Fantails - Powderly, TX
Mike and Kathy Swanson - Swallows - Fort Lupton, CO

Paul Matejka - Show Carneau - Sherburn, Minnesota
Perry Mueller - Archangels - St. Louis, Missouri
Jim Rini Sr. - Jacobins - Tampa Florida

Rick Tucker - Classic Old Frills, Dixon, IL
Ed Buraczewski - Flying Tipplers, Holbrook, NY
Don Stueber - Chinese Owls, Roanoke, TX
Joel Kinkade - Dragoons, Waterford, MI
Mike Hughes - Horseman Pouters, Duncan, AZ

Chris Reyes - Flying Tipplers, Sloatsburg, NY
John Thornton - American Domestic Show Flights, Franklin Lake, NJ
Jim Torrao - Portuguese Tumblers, San Pablo, CA
Jay Turner - West of England Tumblers, Randolph, AL

Robert Vincent - Fantails, Tucson, AZ
Randy Wilson - Fantails, Savanna, OK
John Kirchner - Jacobins, Lancaster, PA
Manny DeMedeiros - Giant Runts, Brampton, ONT, Canada
Trevor Nau - Norwich Croppers, St. James, MN
Mark Newby - Russian Tumblers, Kokomo, IN
Mike Spencer - Old German Owls, West Jordan, UT
Max Josey - Modenas, Argyle, TX
Rick Barker - Voorburg Shield Croppers, Temecula, CA
Nick Vlasek - Auto-Sex Texan Pioneers, Hunt, TX
Bob Perkins - Russian Tumblers, Weymouth, MA

Art Carte - Taganrog Tumblers, Citrus Heights, CA
Jim Armstrong - Frillbacks, Auburn, AL
Michael Conway - German Beauty Homers, Marstons Mill, MA

George Fontaine - Old Style Saddle Muff Tumblers, New Bern, NC
Clint Robertson - Jacobins, Amaranth, MB Canada
Dan Brennan - Archangels, Hamburg, PA

Bill Henderson - West of England Tumblers, Chattanooga, TN
Ron Davis - Jacobins, Oklahoma City, OK
Ken Davis - Oriental Rollers, Pomona, CA
JP Isom - Oriental Rollers, Big Bear, CA
Ken Chatwin - Show Type Racing Homers, Aldergrove, BC Canada
Leon Stephens - Swallows, El Monte, CA
John DeCarlo Jr. - African Owls, Gilroy, CA
John Navant - Zitterhalls, Golden, CO

David Jackson - Modenas, Keyser, WV
John Navant - Archangels, Golden, CO
Larry Wilmes - Giant Homers, Mankato, MN

Mike Swanson - Ice Pigeons, Fort Lupton, CO
Vince Mazzarisi - Show Kings, Dixon, IL
Jose Ferreira - Giant Runts, Bristol, RI

Raul Delgado - MFCR Helmets, Troy, NY
Ron Zottneck - Show Kings, Upland, CA

William Fobian - Oriental Frills, Concord, CA
John Heppner - Nuns, Gilroy, CA
William Hetzel - German Beauty Homers, Peninsula, OH
Marvin Jones - Archangels, Pomeroy, WA
Thomas McCaig - Frillbacks, Hacienda Heights, CA
Stephen St. Clair - Frillbacks, Topeka, KS
Mike Swanson - Saxon Whitetails, Fort Lupton, CO
Amir Turkanovic - Fantails, Rossville, GA
Donovon White - Turbits, Hemet, CA

Robert Hammond - German Beauty Homers, Huron, OH
Rick Tucker - Mookees, Dixon, IL
John Fife - English Trumpeters, Taylorsville, UT
Jay Beals - Old Dutch Capuchine, Riverside, CA
Mike Crawford - MFCR Helmets, Dover, PA

Robert Benson - Silesian Swallows, Northfield, MN
Larry Pridmore - Mookees, Fountain Inn, SC
Celestino Concepcion - Flying Tipplers, Bronx, NY
Ed Pointer - African Owls, Oklahoma City, OK
Mike Seiler - Budapest SF Tumblers, Jackson, NJ

Perry Mueller - Swallows, St. Louis, MO
Danny Revolinsky - English SF Tumblers, Whitelaw, WI

James Brandt - Lahores, Decorah, IA
John Heppner - Scandaroons, Gilroy, CA
Joe Oldja - Pigmy Pouters, Strongsville, OH
Carl Teser - LFCL Tumblers, Papillian, NE
John Travassos - Giant Runts, Bristol, RI

Patricia Avery - Jacobins, Newalla, OK
Dwight Crewdson - Fantails, Lincoln, NE
Bob Christman - West of England Tumblers, Palmdale, CA
John Johnson - Voorburg Shield Cropper, Park River, ND
Fred Hencken - English SF Tumblers, Jupiter, FL
Howard Kinsley - Reversewing Pouters, Bangor, PA
Guido Madrusan - Nuns, Simcoe, ON Canada
Sergio DeAlmeida Jr. - Jacobins, Location Unknown

Roger Hansen - Dewlaps, Marysville, WA
John Heppner - Berlin SF Tumblers, Gilroy, CA
Brad Child - Oriental Rollers, Riverton, UT
Joe Stewart - Giant Runts, Salem, AR

Dennis Rogers - Show Kings, Upland, CA
Bryan Neuner - Norwich Croppers, Westport, KY
Ray Crumbie - Pigmy Pouters, West Jordan, UT
Jack Horn - Modenas, Fort Worth, TX
Joe Oldja - English Pouters, Strongsville, OH
Billy Cunningham - Show Kings, Madisonville, KY

Tony Cardoza - Giant Rumbler, Acushnet, MA
Jose Salema - Giant Rumbler, Bristol, RI
Jerry Asper - African Owls, Omaha, NE
Bill Davis - Russian Tumblers, Berlin, MA
Rusty Cosby - Fantails, Vista, CA
Tally Mezzanatto - Frillbacks, Yucaipa, CA
Joseph Ceaser - Indian Fantails, Tucson, AZ

Tim Burke- Brunner Pouter, Iowa City, IA
Art Carte- Chinese Owl, Citrus Heights, CA
Jim Vines - Modenas, Greenwood, AR
Bill Henderson- American Show Racers, Chattanooga, TN
Art Pamplona- English Trumpeters, Orange, CA
John Skistimas- Oriental Rollers, Oak Grove, MO
Rick Tucker- Chinese Owls, Dixon, IL

John Heppner- Dragoons, Vista, Ca
Ken Lovoie- Modenas,Weatley, Ontario, Canada
James E. Bruning- American Show Racer, Scottsdale, AZ
Helmet Baer - Vooburg Shield Croppers, Scherebill, IN
Robert K. Dunlap- Helmets, Ney, OH
Dr. Tim Burke- Norwich Croppers, Iowa City, IA
Ed Loomis - Modenas, Lincoln, NE
Bill Hetzel- Maltese, Peninsula, OH

Bob Pennington - Giant Runts, Osage,
Carl Rodegerdts - Norwich Croppers, Woodland, CA
Sergio De Almeida - Jacobins, Brick, NJ
Guido Madrusan - Komorner Tumblers, Simcoe Ont. Canada
Les Heisserman - American Show Racers, Mt. Holly, NJ

James F. Avery - Giant Runts, Newalla, OK
Robin Neil - English Carrier, Great Falls, MT
James Ecker - Jacobins, Linwood, MI
Douglas E. Hausman -Komorner Tumblers, Los Moinos, CA
Bruce Rodegerdts - West of England Tumblers, Woodland, CA
Tom Zaengle - African Owls, Carlisle, PA

Norman Geihl - English Trumpeters, Cottonwood, MN
Alan & Penny Harson - Old Dutch Tumblers, Hacienda Heights, CA
Robert "Bob" Nolan - English Trumpeters, Dana Point, CA
Josif Oldja - Pomeranian Pouters, Strongsville, O

John Heppner - Helmets, Vista, CA
Don Phy - Helmets, Oklahoma City, OK
Christopher Stenger - Chinese Owls, Decatur, Illinois

Jim Brown - Pigmy Pouters, Molalla, OR
John Decarlo - English Trumpeters, Gilroy, CA
John Delahoussaye - French Mondains, Cleveland, MS
Layne Gardner - Capuchines, Colton, CA
Juan Gomez - Kings, Manteca, CA
Doug Hall - Chinese Owls, Turlock, CA
Lyn Helmus - German Beauty Homers, Holland, MI

Sal Gigante - Domestic Show Flights, Scarsdale, NY
Mark Lufkin - Chinese Owls, Middleboro, MA
Joe Nethercot - Kings, Spring, TX
Charles Smith - Turbits, Vidor, TX
Alexander Stolarow- Srebrniaks, Washington, DC
Andrew Terracciano - English S. F. B/H Tumblers, Waterford, CT

Charlie Brown - Komorner Tumblers, Hendersonville, TN
James P. Jensen - Helmets, Kaysville, UT
James A. Krebaum, Jr - West of England Tumblers, Whittier, CA
John List - French Mondains, Chicago, IL
Jay B. McGehee - Oriental Frills, Claremore, OK
Dennis Soares - Fantails, Alta Loma, CA
Larry Springston -Oriental Frills, Parker, CO
Egon Thiel - Kings, Tucson, AZ

Frank Barrachina - English Pouters, Yucaipa, CA
Paolo DiCandia - Kings, Oakland, CA
Dennis Soares - Jacobins, Alta Loma, CA

Jack Anderson - Giant Homers, Tulsa, OK
Bill Baker - English Trumpeters, Marysville, OH
Manfred Ecker - Modenas, Lake Forest, IL
Ted Grulke - Giant Homers, Oconomowoc, WI
Elwood Hammitt - French Mondains, Jobstown, NJ
William Harrison - Kings, Upland, CA
John Heppner - English Carriers, Vista, CA
Mike Lerp - Ice Pigeons, Manchester, MD
Guy Marlar - Lahores, Arkansas City, KS
Floyd Menard - French Mondains, Lafayette, LA

Rick Barker - Modenas, Long Beach, CA
Ed Bills - Oriental Rollers, Magna, UT
Brad Child - American Show Racers, Riverton, UT
Douglas DeNeen - Norwich Croppers, Edmonds, WA
David Harris - Swallows, Arcadia, MO
James Krebaum, SR. - West of England Tumblers, Whittier, CA
Glenn Motzkus - American Show Racers, Salt Lake City, UT
Stanley Staveckis - Pigmy Pouters, Gouverners, NY
Ken Swars - Indian Fantails , Hayward, CA
Dennis Weyrauch - Modenas, San Pedro, CA

Jim Green - Oriental Rollers, Salt Lake City, UT
Harry D. Jesse - Show Type Racing Homers, Center Valley, PA
Elsworth Kistler - Birmingham Rollers, Coopersburg, PA
Kay & Lloyd Larghe - Helmets, Elizabeth, CO
Bob A. Lenz - Chinese Owls , Menonimee, WI
Drew Lobenstein - Jacobins, Simi Valley, CA
John V. Manckia - Jacobins, Mechanicsville, VA
Orrie Moore - African Owls, Longbranch, WA
Darrold Muelle - Indian Fantails, Bessie, OK
Tony Patti - Helmets, Norwich, CT
Bill Schlieper - American Show Racers, Castro Valley, CA
Bruce Scott - Helmets, Richardson, TX
Ralph Whitson - American Show Racers, Tacoma, WA
Clair Wright - English Carriers, York, PA
Kent B. Wright - American Show Racers, Salt Lake City, UT

Darvin Jenner - Kings, Peoria, AZ
Laverne F. Miller - Kings, Boiling Springs, PA
Kim F. Miller - Kings, Mechanicsburg, PA
Jack Seaboldt - German Beauty Homers, Hopewell Junction, NY

Keith Casteel - American Rollers, Vancouver, WA
Michael Garcia - Lahores, Rio Vista, CA
William B. Griebel - Swallows, El Monte, CA
Sharon & Jerry Holmberg - English Trumpeters, Hacienda Heights, CA

Roy Anderson - Old Dutch Tumblers, Fullerton, CA
John B. Delahoussaye - Giant Runts, Cleveland, MS
W. I. Diemer - Fantails, Brighton, MI
A. E. Eldridge - Oriental Frills, Phoenix, AZ
John B. Harrison - Norwich Croppers, Middlesboro, MA
Gordon Larson - Fantails, Houston, TX

Richard Brooks - American Show Racers, Eureka Springs, AR
Ted Evans - Kormorner Tumblers, Lawton, OK
William Hawkinson - Archangels, El Monte, CA
Terry Kay - Nuns, Roselle, IL
James McKensie - Giant Homers, Norman, OK
Lloyd Moreau - Modenas, Rayne, LA
George O'Hara - Kings, Carlisle, PA
Robert Pettit - Modenas, Geneseo, IL

Charlie Brown - Giant Runts, Newton, KS
Stephen Mitchell - Helmets, Kaysville, UT
Edward Robertson - Kings, Fontana, CA
Patricia Scroggins - Chinese Owls, Mt. Zion, IL
Kent Wright - Pigmy Pouters, Salt Lake City, UT

Carroll Cooper - Giant Homers, Tyler, TX
Harry Granger - English Carriers, Annville, PA
Ellsworth Kistler - Archangels, Cooperburg, PA
Tally Mezzanatto - Pigmy Pouters, Yucaipa, CA
Tom Pritchett - Fantails, Fairmont, OK
M. H. Richards -Kings, Whitesboro, TX
Wes Shores - English Trumpeters, Clinton, OK
Ray Stepnowski - Jacobins, Cliffwood Beach, NJ
James Torrao - Kings, San Pablo, CA

John Adams - French Mondains, Monterey Park, CA
Jim Buhrmester - German Double Crested Trumpeters, Milford, IL
George Duerr - French Mondains, El Cajon, CA
Les Heisserman - French Mondains, Mt. Holly, NJ
R. W. P. Johnston - Nuns, Lexington, KY
Jim Looper - Show Racing Homers, Lockeford, CA
Callie D. Osborne - Carneau, Denver, CO
Dave Ross - Komorner Tumblers, Houston, TX

Harry Alexander - Jacobins , Van Nuys, CA
Ed Bachman - Jacobins, Pontiac, MI
Theo R. Snyder - Kings, Riverside, CA
Jack Spann - Pigmy Pouters , Burley, ID
Jay D. Stone - Lahores, Enid, OK
W. W. Trach - Carneau, Baldwin Park, CA

Castle Child - Show Racers, Midvale, UT
Maurice Durkee - Giant Homers, Winnebago, MN
Frank Pilitowski - Oriental Frills, Williamstown, NJ
Willie Richert - Modenas, Wichita, KS
Joseph Schabert - Fantails, Manato, MN
Guenter Wenzel - Reversewing Pouters, Grant Park, IL
E. Hamlet White - Modenas, Richmond, VA

Marvin Angle - Hungarians, New Freedom, PA
Jim Joyner - Komorner Tumblers, Pasadena, TX
Marvin Koenig - French Mondains , Austin, TX
William Quinlan - Jacobins, Vista, CA
Ilmar Rupner - Oriental Frills, Vernon, CT

Louis Antonini - French Mondains, Stockton, CA
Rex Arnold - Modenas, Lawton, OK
Si Berger - African Owls, Arcadia, CA
Joe Frazier - Show Racers, El Monte, CA
Willis Mahaffey - Texan Pioneers, Cleveland, TX
Frank O'Regan - African Owls, Andrews, TX
A. J. Stratton - African Owls, Fort Worth, TX
Ken Walling - Jacobins, Lincroft, NJ

Glen M. Angle - Hungarians, Boonsboro, MD
James Franklin - French Mondains, Aurora, IL
John Izzo - African Owls, Bay Shore, NY
Guenter Wenzel - Bernberger Trumpeters, Northridge, CA
I. H. Zautner - Modenas, West Bend, WI

Martin Bayer - Norwich Cropper, Blue Island, IL
Rod Hatcher - Fantails, Des Moines, IA
RAy Henschler - French Mondains , Ft. Atkinson, WI
Lee Johnson - Bokhara Trumpeters, Northridge, CA
Robert Kingkinger - Fantails, Sinking Spring, PA
William F. Meyer - Aftican Owls, Carlisle, PA
Jean Millet - Carneau, Apple Valley, CA
Gil Raether - French Mondains, Madison, WI
Ray Shellhammer - Maltese, Whitehall, PA
Denby Williamson - Giant Homers, Casper, WY

John Becker - Modenas, Upland, CA
Al Berry - Baldhead Tumblers, Norwich, CT
Wes Conover - Giant Runts, Gladstone, NJ
Jerry Fussell - Chinese Owls, Midland, TX
John Heppner - English Trumpeters, Vista, CA
Evert Hutchinson - Carneau, Sac City, IA
William F. Jewell - Nuns
Norm Lofing - Modenas, Sacremento, CA
Phil Van Norman - Kings, San Jacinto, CA
Hubie Rieth - Oriental Frills, North Bergen, NJ
Ray Sanchez - Helmets, Modesto, CA
Rudy Strnad - Tumblers, Kearny, NJ
William F. Uhl - Nuns, Hamton Bays, NY
Bob Weyrauch - Modenas, Hemet, CA

Adair Allen - Tumblers, El Monte, CA
Martin Bayer - English Pouters, Blue Island, IL
Orman Forcht - Antwerp, Palmyra, IN
Gerald Hobbs - Giant Homers, Ft. Madison, IA
James Moyer - Chinese Owls, Virginville, PA
Robert Pommer - Nuns, Lake Tomahawk, WI
Bill Rice - Show Racers, Sepulveda, CA
Harold Tagert - Oriental Frills, Douglasville, PA
W. W. Tracht - Kings, Baldwin Park, CA
Everett H. Weiting - French Mondains, Sewell, NJ

Helmut Baer - Nuns, Hammond, IN
Verne Baker - Modenas, Onalaska, WI
Wm. S. Haudrich - Kings, Columbia, IL
August Jeanroy - French Mondains, Prattsburg, NY
Seldon Perry - Lahores, Isleton, CA
John Schroeder - Kings, San Diego, CA
Ernest Schuelke - Giant Runts, Manistee, MI
Stewart Webster - Modenas, Ambler, PA

Michael W. Amaral - Racing Homers, Honolulu, HI
Vic Eshpeter - Helmets, Eatonville, WA
Bill Gammel - French Mondains, Fresno, CA
Horn-Taylor-Horn - Kings, Ft. Worth, TX
L. J. Segura - French Mondains, New Iberia, LA

Charles Albaugh - Rollers, Owings Mills, MD
Tom Frye - Giant Homers, Billings, MT
Clair Hetland - Bokhara Trumpeters, Golden Valley, MN
Fred Labati - Kings, Oaklyn, NJ
James R. Lairmore - Modenas, Orange, CA
Bob Lentz - Modenas,York, PA
Alfred J. Roberts - Pigmy Pouters, Bloomfield, NJ

Joseph Abreu - Kings, Hayward, CA
Mrs. Irene Dirth - Carneau, Lynwood, CA
Roy Duckmanton - Kings, Joliet, IL
Amos E. Hodson - Show Racers, Los Alamitos, CA
Fay B. Kaufmann - Carneau, Casper, WY
Ralph Komatsu - Modenas, Honolulu, HI
Carl L. Krueger - Nuns, Brookfield, IL
Charles E. Mann - Helmets, Royal Oak, MI

Fritz Freitas - Kings, Livermore, CA
John C. Jensen - Modenas, Ottsville, PA
Carl E. Silvey - Rollers, Wathena, KS

Roger O. Baker - Rollers, Akron, OH
Mervine Hernandez - French Mondains, Lafayette, LA
Norman Lindsay - Modenas, Dallas, TX

Wm. F. Meyer - Tumblers, Carlisle, PA
A. A. Shifler - Hungarians, Boonsboro, MD

H. Eric Buri - Giant Runts, Birmingham, NJ
Carl Ewert - Modenas, San Jose, CA
Fred Langridge - Giant Homers, Dallas, TX
Ed Suchy - Nuns, Bronx, NJ

James Fonseca - LFCL Baldhead Tumblers, Medford, MA
Russell Sapp - Modenas, Mt. Holly, NJ

Amos Hodson - Giant Homers, Los Alamitos, CA
W. J. Mann - Carneau, Phoenix, AZ
Luther Maserang - Carneau, Fort Worth, TX

Joe Frazier - Giant Homers, El Monte, CA
Charles Heitzman - Racing Homers, Jeffersontown, KY
Jack Ragle - Kings, Villa Grande, CA
Harley Stack - French Mondains, Emporia, KS
T. R. Thomson - Dragoons, Louisville, KY

Ralph E. Brown - Rollers, Manasquas, NJ
Rollin Hartman - Giant Runts, Hinckley, IL
J. R. Powers - Giant Runts, Dallas, TX

Hirsch Brothers - White Kings, Chicago Heights, IL
Ernest Reher - Nuns, Bensenville, IL
Denby Williamson - Carneau, Casper, WY

W. H. Dettmer - Fantails, Bloomfield, NJ
L. W. Eckel - Hungarians, La Grange, TX
Bruce Hovis - Hungarians, Rouzerville, PA

Archie Adams - Show Racers, Witchita, KS
Russell Harter - Rollers, Canton, OH
Wayne L. Rife - Modenas, Mt. Holly, NJ
Ed Ryan - Carneau, Eagle Grove, IA

H. V. Bale - Jacobins, Springfield, IL
Robert Fisher - Giant Homers, Janesville, WI
Karl Otto - Fantails, Dayton, OH
W. B. Schroeder - Kings, Shakopee, MN

H. J. Anthony - Red & Yellow Kings, Sacramento, CA
Henry H. Fiebig - French Gros Mondains, Homewood, IL
Frank Mack - English Carriers, Villa Park, IL
Emil Pianca - Kings, Joliet, IL
Phil Roof - Turbits, Hyattsville, MD

Ray E. Gilbert - Shortface Tumblers, Salt Lake City, UT
Robert Hancock - Modenas, McAllen, TX
Joe Schmittel - Dragoons, Villa Park, IL

E. B. Atwood - Aftican Owls, Whitman, MA
J. Norman High - Ice Pigeons, Reisterstown, MD
Edward F. Koehm - Carneau, San Grabriel, CA

Joe Byron - Show Homers, San Luis Obispo, CA
Joe Curran - Tumblers, Worchester, MA
Clayton E. Lutes - Rollers, Chicago Heights, IL
Al Westling - Tumblers, Topeka, KS

Joseph Barsevsky - English Carriers, Chicago, IL
Fred J. Brender - Hungarians, Detroit, MI
Michaelson Brothers - Carneau, Dallas, TX

Floyd Dirth - Carneau, Los Angeles, CA
Goethe & DuPont - White Kings, Savannah, GA
Edward Eklund, Round Lake Heights, IL
A. H. Harr - LFCL Tumblers, Kansas City, MO

C. T. Dietz - Frills, Salt Lake City, UT
Wm. Hahn - Magpies, Greenwood, SC
Ed & Carl Hirsch - Silver Kings, Chicago Heights, IL

Irvin T. Goss - Giant Homers, Jeffersontown, KY
Frank Hollmann - White Kings, Warrenton, MO
Harold Moise - White Carneau, Sumter, SC
George Neuerberg - Scandaroons, North Hollywood, CA
L. F. Rue - Modenas, Lexington, KY
J. M. Scarborough - White Kings, Charlotte, NC
Clayton H. Schenck - Maltese, Millville, NJ

J. D. Cochran - Carneau, Downey, CA
Bob Evans - Rollers, San Mateo, CA
Don Roland - Kings, El Cajon, CA
Herbert Smith - Bokhara Trumpeters, Worksop,England

John Hall - Carneau, Dallas, TX
L. E. Hummell - Swallows, Columbia, MO
James R. S. May - Silver Kings, Knoxville, TN
Wm. Morris - Dragoons, Salt Lake City, UT
Wm. Pensom - Birmingham Rollers, Los Angeles, CA
R. T. Shamhart - White Kings, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Edgar Burke - Racing Homers, Jersey City, NJ
Marion S. Church - Giant Runts, Dallas, TX
C. E. Dimon - Modenas, Columbia, GA
Irving De Garis - Modenas, Savannah, GA
James Glasgow - Fantails, Mahwa, NJ
Warren R. Jaquett - Hungarians, Wayne, PA
Ray Johnson - Silver Kings, Chatsworth, CA
Dr. W. H. Nugent - White Kings, Fort Worth, TX
Stanley Stout - Giant Homers, Odom, IN

No Awards Given

1945 - No show held due to World War II
1944 - No show held due to World War II
1943 - No show held due to World War II

Dr. J. A. Polley - Strassers, Oakland, CA
C. L. Spence - Pigmy Pouters, Sturgis, MI
Samuel M. Wise - Kings, Stamford, CT

Adolph Besche - Carneau, Baltimore, MD
Henry Klosterman - Giant Homers, Camden, NJ
John Spittle - Oriental Frills, Baltimore, MD

Henry Clausman - Oriental Frills, Baltimore, MD
J. Holland Webster - Hungarians, Elizabeth City, NC

Roscoe M. Hoover - Muff Tumblers, Pomona, CA
H. O. Keesling - Kings, Pasadena, CA
John V. Manners - Tumblers, Oakland, CA

Jacob Hippert - Fantails, Pittsburg, PA
Wendel M. Levi - Carneau, Sumter, SC

Arthur F. Callies - Fantails, Kansas City, MO
Tom F. Jones - Carneau, Fort Worth, TX
W. F. Schulz - Orientals, Memphis, TN

J.E. Justice - Hungarians, Villa Park, NJ
Carl J. Weick - Parlor Tumblers, Salina, KS

Gerald F. Champ - Fantails, Chula Vista, CA
Alexander Hay - Fantails, Jersey City, NJ
Glenn W. Ohler - Hungarians, Hagerstown, MD
Oscar W. Opsann - Racing Homers, Mamaroneck, NY
Albert Rockhill - Giant Homers, Haddonfield, NJ

Harry F. Allen - Kings, Norwood, CA
Charles Bartling - Carriers, Springfield, IL
Wm. W. Deissler - Modenas, Jenkintown, PA
George K. Duer - Tumblers, Chicago, IL
John A. Lucas - Hungarians, Middletown, PA
Frank H. Niehaus - Pigmy Pouters, St. Louis, MO
John J. Sueme - Owls, St. Louis, MO

J. P. Habenstein - Jacobins, Louisville, KY
W. E. Jackson - Carneau, Berryville, VA
Jack M. Pun - White Kings, Oakland, CA
B. M. Volopich - Barbs, Chicago, IL

Wm. L. Korb - Fantails, Louisville, KY
M. H. Paget - Racing Homers, Youngstown, OH
D. S. Riddell - White Kings, Lexington, KY
H. E. Russman - Carneau, Louisville, KY
Harry Sarsfield - Fantails, Springdale, CT
Dr. A. F. Whelan - Maltese, Kansas City, MO

•Prescott Bigelow - Racing Homers, Boston, MA
• E. DeMooy - Pigmy Pouters, Lakewood, OH
• Wm. P. Gray - Giant Homers, Darien, CT
• Raymond Groff - Black LFCL Tumblers, Philadelphia, PA
• A. R. Henderson - White Kings, Memphis, TN
• Fisher G. Morrison - Hungarians, Hayward, CA
• W. Harry Orr - Turbits, Reading, PA
• Rev. Clem T. Stolze - Maltese, Bunker Hill, IL
• Frank A. Tirrell Jr. - Modenas, Rockland, MA
• Dr. Peter Treleaven - Red Carneau, Lansing, MI

•Harry F. Allen - Swiss Mondains, Norwood, MA
• Edgar G. Ball - Tumblers, Highland Park, IL
• H. V. Becker - Owls, St. Louis, MO
• H. B. Benrens - Dragoons, Philadelphia, PA
• Dr. R. L. Campbell - Maltese, East St. Louis, MO
• J. H. Dimling - Giant Runts, Pittsburgh, PA
• Elisha Hanson - Fantails, Washington, DC
• H. O. Keesling - Carneau, Pasadena, CA
• C. R. King - Silver Kings, Hayward, CA
• Anthony Menze - English Pouters, St. Louis, MO
• Lyle Roszell - Modenas, Peoria, IL
• Arthur Seelbinder - White Kings, Memphis, TN
• Harry C. Weber - Hungarians, Hagerstown, MD
• Wm. Westhus - Orientals, St. Louis, MO
• John Wittasek - Pigmy Pouters, Cleveland, OH




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