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NPA Store
•All bands sold on this webpage are for the year 2017 bands.
•All 2017 bands will be mailed on December 15, 2016. All questions should be directed to the NPA secretary.
•2016 Bands - There are still some 2016 bands left. To order 2016 bands, call the NPA secretary. No internet orders available for 2016 bands.
•For purchases totaling less than $20 please use the printed order form and include check or money order in US Currency (USD).
•Minimum band order placed on the internet is 50 bands.
•Minimum order for each band size is 10, sold in increments of 5 thereafter.
•Cash, Check or Money Order Payments (Mail in)

USA Credit Card Payments
•NPA Bands $0.50/each Plastic Coated.
•USA Shipping and Handling Charges included.

Foreign Credit Card Purchases
NPA Bands $0.50 each and requires an additional shipping charge of $5.00 USD (add quantity of 1 below for Other Foreign Band Purchases)

Foreign orders with no Foreign Shipping included will be voided!!!!

$5.00 Shipping and Handling charge on every foreign credit card purchase.
Foreign Credit Card Purchases without Shipping and Handling will be Voided!

Minimum Total Band Order - $20.00


Please use the form below for your Visa/MasterCard purchases:

NPA Plastic Coated Band Sales

Plastic Coated Bands ($ 0.50 Online)
Item # 501106
6.5mm Bands(S/H Included)
Plastic Coated Bands ($ 0.50 Online)
Item # 501107
7mm Bands(S/H Included)
Item # 501108
8mm Bands (S/H Included)
Item # 501109
9mm Bands (S/H Included)
Item # 501110
10mm Bands (S/H included)
Item # 501111
11mm Bands (S/H included)
Item # 501113
13mm Bands (S/H included)
Item # 501114
14mm Bands (S/H included)
Item # 50800
Supplement Band Series Charge
Enter special request information at the bottom of the online order form when entering your credit card information.
Item # 50900
Foreign Shipping Charge $5.00
Foreign orders with no Foreign Shipping included will be voided!



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NPA Secretary/Treasurer
Tim Heidrich
PO Box 295
Winston, GA 30187


Monday-Friday: 10:00-6:00
Eastern Time
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2018 NPA Grand National Show

January 18, 19, 20, 2018

Amarillo, Texas



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