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JoshZilles - District Director

Dear NPA Members,
I am excited to be nominated to serve as an NPA Director. We have a great national club to help support us in this hobby and I am honored to be able to give some of my time to help. I am hoping that I can bring a helping hand and some new ideas to the NPA to help improve the club and hobby for everyone.
Just a little about myself, my name is Joshua Zilles and I have been raising pigeons for 19 years. I started with 4 pair of West of England Tumblers and 1 pair of Chinese Owls. I have loved pigeons ever since I got those first few pair. I have been in multiple breeds and clubs over the years and I am currently raising West of England Tumblers and Old German Owls. I have served as a club officer in multiple clubs—both national and local. Additionally, I have been fortunate to help stage the Utah Pigeon Club’s Premier Show, a show with more than 1,000 entries. I am interested in keeping our national organization growing and vibrant and as a younger fancier I will bring a perspective that will help us in this everchanging world.
I have been married for 8 years, have 3 beautiful kids, and currently live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was born and raised in Logan, Utah and work in the Crop Insurance Industry serving most of the Western United States.
I am hoping to serve the members and pigeon fanciers as an NPA Director in the upcoming years. I would like to be a voice for everyone to help improve the NPA and hobby in general. We have a lot to be grateful for in having the NPA be our national voice. The NPA is a great organization and is the cornerstone of the hobby that we love. I look forward to earning your trust, confidence, and support as your NPA director.
Joshua Zilles


Kevin Moths - District Director:

I except the nomination as district 4 director for another term. I will take an active role as a member of the NPA board of directors by attending meetings and helping where needed. I apricate this the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for the National Pigeon Association. I will continue looking for ways to promote all the shows in my district and hopefully bring some new "All Breed Shows" to district 4 in the near future.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Moths


Brad Stuckey - District Director:
When I was 12, I convinced my mother to let me have birds. At the time there were a lot of breeders in my area, but I found it very difficult to get birds from anyone at the time. Age and a small budget may have caused breeders to see a kid as a bad way to recoup expenses for their hobby, but shortsighted thinking can also hurt the hobby in the long run. Thankfully, there are always great people out there and I was eventually able to pick up a few birds to get me started.
However, the drive to help create interest in the hobby began to grow in me. I decided then that I would do whatever I could to help, and make sure that anyone who was interested would be given support anyway possible every time the opportunity presented itself.
Below are listed some of the ways I am endeavouring to promote our great hobby!
My wife and I along with other enthusiasts in our area started the Southern Pigeon Club which has grown to over 80 members, and hosted nearly 600 birds at lasts year's show.
I am the Secretary/Treasurer for the American Archangel Club. Tim Heidrich and myself have started The German Modena Association this year. I was elected as Vice President of the Rare Breeds Pigeon Club and am a certified judge. I operate a Co-OP bringing in high quality feed to our area and selling it for cost to other
I am honored by the officers of the NPA nominating me for Director. I am very thankful for my wife, Rachel, who is always helping at each of the events we attend. The NPA has many untapped resources that we as a Club need to use. I would like to help continue finding these resources, improve our Club's infrastructure anyway possible, and search
for new ways to expand our hobby. Becoming an NPA Director will help me be able to more fully
serve each of our members. Please vote in this election and may the officers who are elected do their best to make our Club more successful!

Sincerely, Brad Stuckey


Todd Millard - District Director:
My name is Todd Millard I'm 57 years old married to my amazing wife Patty. We have 5 childern and 15 grandchildren.
I've been nominated to serve on the board of directors. Bern involved in pigeons since I was a young child over 50 years. I'm not a politician but i have a passion for pigeons and hobby.
I'm honored to be nominated and it would be an honor to receive your vote.
Thank you Todd Millard

Larry Wilmes - District Director:
Hello everyone!
My name is Larry Wilmes.
I reside in Mankato, located in South Central Minnesota.
I have an addiction to pigeons... all pigeons :) I totally enjoy our hobby, the people are great!
I love attending and supporting the shows, I try to make 7-9 shows a year. I also have a very understanding wife.
It would be a honor to represent you all!
Yours in the hobby,
Larry Wilmes

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