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The NPA Board of Directors is well aware of the significant losses of pigeons some breeders have had in the recent months. On Saturday, December 31, 2016 the NPA Board held a special meeting to discuss these issues. Several of the board members have been in contact with different University laboratories and Veterinarians and through this dialogue and have been able to come up with some recommendations for pigeon breeders traveling to upcoming shows or other events where large numbers of birds may be present. These are only recommendations and anyone traveling to such events should be aware that when birds from different lofts are exposed to one another problems could arise.

Avoid overcrowding of birds, overcrowding of birds brings upon great stress

Quarantine your birds after returning from pigeon related events

Vaccinate all of your birds for PMV prior to taking birds to these events

Vaccinate any new birds coming in to your loft, even if the person you purchased them from said they are vaccinated

If you are already having significant losses in your lofts, please do not take your birds to any pigeon shows or events

Do not overcrowd your birds in crates on the way to shows or events or on the way home, take enough boxes for your birds to travel comfortably.

If you are having significant losses there are laboratories that are attempting to identify the problems, one of these Veterinarians that has been working on birds that have been sent in is Dr. Eva Endelton, (814)863-0837. Anyone with significant losses should look into having birds posted by laboratories with certified Veterinarians.

The National Pigeon Association will be having the Grand National in Ridgefield, WA from January 12-14. The NPA will be purchasing a large amount of disinfectant and will have it available at the show for any exhibitors and specialty clubs to use. We urge everyone to take advantage of this by spraying the bottom of their holding pens or crates. We would also urge specialty clubs to lightly spray their judging area floors down before each class is brought up.

Thank You,

National Pigeon Association Board of Directors



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