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Fremont, Ohio Summer Show

Fremont, Ohio Summer show

I recently paid a visit to the Fremont, Ohio Show and really enjoyed the day. Jim Feasel was the main man, but it was quite obvious the Fremont Club was there in force and helping Jim do all the things to make for an enjoyable day. Lots of good looking birds and lots of great people. I had the opportunity to talk about the NPA to many fanciers and also to discuss issues that were important to those I spoke with Jim Fathbruckner and he was busy judging as well as setting up an information table for the NPA. Our banner was on display, and Jim and I were able to recruit 9 paid memberships! I walked around with my trusty clipboard and membership blanks.
I also carried an issue of the Quarterly to show to prospective members.
While sitting at a table, speaking to someone while they filled out their membership application, a lady picked up the Quarterly and said "My goodness what a beautiful magazine, may I also join" Wow, that blew me away, I didn't have to say a word. Not much after that, a stranger walked up to me and asked if I had any more NPA membership applications. He became one of the 9 we signed up.

The NPA is growing and good things are happening. The Board recently voted to change the scholarship program and increase the amount given to each recipient. With the memberships approval at the Grand National, we will offer two scholarships in 2015 for $1500 each. If you are a member of the NPA, please contact the NPA Home office for an application should you know a Junior who would be worthy. If you are not a member, please consider joining. Our Quarterly Magazine and an opportunity to have a junior be eligible, is reason enough to join the NPA. It might be the best $20.00 you ever spent.

Jerry Gagne
NPA President

Ben Ferber, Jerry Gagne Jim Feasel, Jerry Gagne, Ron Simpson Bob Hammond, Jerry Gagne
James Fathbruckner



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