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By Fred Thoelke, Legacy Fund Trust Chairman

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, the NPA Board of Directors, during their quarterly teleconference meeting approved the Legacy Fund Trust Agreement thereby legally setting this Trust into motion. The Trust agreement can be found and viewed in its entirety on this Website under NPA INFO.

The Vision for the Legacy Fund Trust is to allow for a safe, permanent and reliable legal structure to be in place for those who financially wish to give back to the hobby they so much enjoy. This giving will help grow the NPA and strengthen the pigeon hobby both now and into the distant future.

This Trust allows for funds to be donated or bequest given, so that the Fund's principle will continue to grow from donations, never to be used and the investment income generated from this ever growing pool of assets will help fund well defined NPA projects. Funding important, maybe even critical projects that might never have funding otherwise.

The Trust Agreement is written with you the donor in mind by setting a high standard for both safeguarding Trust assets and strong financial accountability for investment income spent on well defined NPA projects.

By going to the Trust document you will notice that all donors, past and present, living or deceased will receive perpetual (that's forever) YEARLY RECOGNITION of their generous giving, in an NPA publication, listed on a CONTRIBUTOR'S CLUB HONOR ROLL, in one of four giving categories. These categories, or Clubs as they are called, are setup for cumulative giving and allows for donors to move from one giving category to another over time. In addition, each contributor will receive a thank you letter and an elegant Certificate of Contribution printed on parchment, suitable for framing. These Certificates, hanging on your wall will be a visual statement to your love for the pigeon hobby and your true desire that it continues to flourish well beyond your years.

The Legacy Fund Trust is now open to your donations. All interested individuals (need not be a NPA member or even a pigeon fancier) are invited to participate at a time that is right for them.

Every pigeon fancier in one way or the other, either directly or indirectly will benefit from the existence of this Trust.

For those wishing to contribute or have questions as to how they might contribute, please contact the Legacy Fund Trust Chairman.

To read the agreement in its entirety go to the Legacy Trust Fund Agreement page.



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